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April 13, 2013
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Irish Houd Cafe- Application by EclecticConcierge Irish Houd Cafe- Application by EclecticConcierge
For the up and coming group :iconirishhoundcafe:


:bulletgreen:Name: :bulletgreen:   "Caito Whiting" 

:bulletgreen:Gender::bulletgreen:  Male

:bulletgreen:Job: :bulletgreen: Dishwasher and Busing Tables.

:bulletgreen:Height: :bulletgreen: Day Form: 5' 11" Night Form:  4' 10"

:bulletgreen:Age:   :bulletgreen: Chronological Age: 300 give or take. ( Born sometime during the Meigi Era, in the Saga Prefecture on Kyushu Island, Japan.}

:bulletgreen:Birthday: :bulletgreen:  December 1

:bulletgreen:Race: :bulletgreen:  (Water/River -Deity) Kappa.

:bulletgreen:Personality: :bulletgreen:  Talkative and amicable, he's also curious about the customers and his co-workers, often getting carried away in listening to their anecdotes and stories that his work falls to the wayside. . True to his species nature, he is an avid observer of etiquette and protocol, doing his best to treat the Management , his fellow co-workers of Cafe with respect and going out of his way to make sure the patrons of the establishment have a pleasant experience. 

:bulletgreen:History: :bulletgreen:  In his several centuries of existence he's been *"caught" a total of  four times by various humans, each time he served and accompanied them on their Journeys, eventually leaving his home of Japan and venturing to other countries, often serving several generations of the same clan or family line.  Having a natural affinity for medicine and "Unshackled" from any of his Contracts, he's found himself in Ireland where he is currently studying at a Medical School in the City and working at a nearby Training Hospital. This job is  something he does to pay for his schooling. (Although it could be implied he has more funds than he's letting on.) 

:bulletgreen:Abilities: :bulletgreen:   

-Dishwashing *SHOT* 
-Medical Knowledge  ( Emergency/ General First Aid and Bone setting.)
- Bilingual-  English and Japanese (Though the latter has little use in his current situation.)
- Balance (In order to carry all those dishes!)
- Strong swimmer

:bulletgreen:Powers: :bulletgreen: 

- Immense strength, which comes from the Water in the trademark bowl-like depression on the crown of his head. *See Weaknesses* 
- Aquatic Adaptability.
- Aquatic Respiration.
- Vision capable in semi-darkness
- '' ''

:bulletgreen:Likes:   :bulletgreen:

-Wrestling of any kind. Watching and participating.
-Rainy weather.
- Swimming.
-Any games of strategy or thinking.

:bulletgreen:Dislikes:  :bulletgreen:

- Loud Noises. (Mostly from firearms.)
- Fire or open flame. 
-Ginger and Sesame 
- Iron Objects (Anything made out of iron..Iron traces don't bother him so much.) He hates them. I'm not sure why, hence he ALWAYS wears thick rubber gloves during the day in order to do his job.

:bulletgreen:Weaknesses:  :bulletgreen:

-If the Life-Water is spilled  from the head-bowl, (Depending on the amount) it will either immobilize and severely weaken him or prove fatal, But he usually has  a protective cover  on to prevent this.
-His arms (Ironically) *See Other Information*

:bulletgreen:Important Possessions: :bulletgreen:

-Any bottle of water. XD
- Has a small personal Library of his favorite books through his years traveling, a lot of them etiquette books, which he collects and studies.
- His hat's in his Day form are important, as they are a disguised versions of the literal "lid" he has.

:bulletgreen:Other Information: :bulletgreen:

_ Staying in one of the Three capacity rooms. His Roommate currently is Pierce Remmington
-* If a human manages to trick a Kappa into spilling it's Life-water, then refills the creatures vessel , the Kappa in question is now bound to serve whomever manages to do this..
- In the same vein, if a Kappa regains even one drop of water his strength returns.
- Similar stories also mention the arms of a Kappa are easy to pull of, (That is if you can get that far) and can be used as a bargaining tool for favors or knowledge .
- Can eat most human food but prefers to stick to a more vegetarian-friendly diet.
- His hobbies include, water sports, playing his Shikuhachi and studying Medical books.
- Sometimes takes leaves of absence to tend to his studies and job in the Capital.

Group and Application template (c) :iconoverride7400: 
Caito Whiting and art of him (c) Eclectic Concierge Do Not use or draw the above without permission!
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IChiTa--WiYa Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013  Student General Artist
Woah! So his head is openable ? *opens to see inside* Helloooo is anyone there ? O3O
Safrost Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013  Professional Digital Artist
Whoa! He's really awesome! I love all the details you put into him. I can't wait for my character to run into him~
XxRibbonsxX Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Student General Artist

Reminds me of throwing cucumbers into the lake in Harvest Moon.
EclecticConcierge Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013
LOLOO I'm glad you like him! KBKK?

OOhhh they did that in there? That's really cool! I didn't know that!
XxRibbonsxX Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Student General Artist
Yeah! In Harvest Moon: Friends on Mineral Town, if you threw cucumbers in the lake then the Kappa would come up and thank you for the gift!
EclecticConcierge Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013
HEY! That's totally cool!!:iconsuperw00tplz: good to see where I got my information was a legit place!
XxRibbonsxX Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013  Student General Artist
yES! Kappas are so interesting. I once looked them up just to know more, aha.
EclecticConcierge Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013
IKR! It was the ONE creature out of..what hundreds in the world that I knew most about off the top of my head. (NO pun intended)
XxRibbonsxX Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2013  Student General Artist
LOL! And I know, right? But Kappas are really cool so it's a win-win situation I think uwu
EclecticConcierge Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2013
:iconsuperw00tplz: YES!
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